Images by Vanessa was birthed in 2007 with one point and shoot camera and a dream. It has grown into a business that I love. One of the things I find attractive about human nature is how we, as people, process our experiences; internalizing them and then revealing them back out to the world, often metaphorically and not by coincidence. I am compelled to shoot “life” as it happens and as that subject’s expression speaks.

The camera has a way of creating still-life images that we treasure for years to come. I'm interested in what transpires during the internalization phase, our subjectivity towards self-perceptions and what we fixate on. I fixate on people and their expression of life. Having acknowledged my own personal idealized concepts of myself and seeing them reflected in others, it has become a means of expressing my own internal narratives. I create dramatic scenes, using props and characters at times, with a strong focus on color, to emphasize symbolism and depict various states of the idealized self.

In my most current body of work, I have extended my focus towards portrayals of women, men, children, and events. I create stunning images of them in whatever mood that suits them. I enjoy capturing emotions and expressions that are genuine and true to the subject.